As an artist and a maker, what’s most inspiring to Lisa is the exploration of themes that are expressive of the infinite passing of time symbolized by her modern interpretations of palms, pomegranates, sonic coils and arrows. She creates decorative motifs that appeal on multiple levels. 

The use of gold and gold leaf in Lisa’s art comes from her desire to illuminate her patterns in a way that allows them to endure. Allusions to everything from Art Deco and folk art to typographic elements repurposed and reimagined and the natural world inform her. 



From her studio in Brooklyn Lisa begins by combing through her rich library of collected graphic symbols and shapes. Moving from the computer to paper cutouts, playing with scale and pattern. In this hands-on experimentation she makes exciting discoveries that grow into her unique designs.

Through her exploration of different materials she has developed a unique process of screen printing to reproduce and gild her precise patterns. A labor of love that allows her to work with each print individually and personalize them.

Through Lisa’s appreciation of indigenous textiles and the decorative arts she seeks to create a unique visual vocabulary that will translate to her own line of textiles, wallpaper and ceramics.